year 5 at elc

Light of a Thousand Lights

Light is an essential presence for life. It is an important element with a strong metaphorical value. We live in the light, we perceive the reality of our surrounds through it, and we understand its benefits brought to life. The nature and identity of light have been questioned since antiquity through elaborated theories between myth and science.

Light in its different forms is also a vision to the world that makes it a wonderful daily show. For children, light is also beauty, wonder, play, a material that reveals and transforms with its rays, the shapes of the landscapes, and the sceneries of the world in which we live. A real perceptual miracle.

The bright sky was the first scientific laboratory for humanity, the only their theories and share the only one for millennia. The discovery of electromagnetic waves has expanded the field of interest with the appearance of invisible lights. We thought of the need to equip our ateliers with permanent light related zones of research in connection with the projects that take place in different groups of children. The quality of our environments today supports research, provides long-term exploration opportunities to strengthen concepts, and enhances individual, and group creativity.