year 3 at elc

nature and technology

Technology is inherent in our life. We create technology and in turn technology transforms life and living. The complex and multidimensional nature of technology, as it continues to evolve, is apparent in our day-to-day lives.

Many scientists and philosophers share their perspectives on the relationship between nature and technology. The technologist Kevin Kelly believes that technology is “a force of nature”, evolving along the same principles as any living species. Perhaps he’s right, or perhaps nature, as some biomimicry experts believe, is a sort of mysterious technology. Technology and nature offer a pertinent context for intertwining imagination and rationality whilst exploring many interwoven and interactive concepts: scientific, environmental, economic and social.

Our class atelier is a space where the barriers between art and science are broken; the native speakers of the digital languages play and work, design and communicate. Using a variety of materials, both analog and technological, children play a part in the design process, considering planning alternatives; measuring, drawing and model-making, constructing and building.