year 1 at elc

spaces, encounters and relationships

A city is made up of spaces and niches that gradually become the settings of life experiences, well-known and undiscovered paths that evoke emotions and memories. Children’s observations and perspective, full of wonder and curiosity, make it possible to see and experience the city in a unique and relational way.

Intertwining the materiality of the city with the subjectivity of their experiences, the children’s dialogues make visible the unique identity of each inhabitant. A change in space has the ability to transform trepidation into confidence, tension into calm and doubt into assurance. Reflecting on their experiences in different spaces in the city develops an awareness of the emotions elicited from the different encounters.

White paper in a variety of shapes, quality and sizes, becomes the language for design and construction. Paper is one of the most flexible mediums and accepts numerous transformations in both 2D and 3D, for eg., it’s possible to print, paint, cut and fold.

Using this mono medium offers the children a variety of experiences in stability and form, as they give shape to their developing understanding and imagination.