the purple elephant schools

Our first purple elephant was born in 1997 in an endearing house, full of old Bangkok charm. The three schools, that proudly identify with this unique and delightful pachyderm are represented by a simple image created by a child, Per Jonsson from Sweden, in the eighties, provide learning environments for toddlers aged from eighteen months to three years of age.

Each of our three toddler centres has a unique identity that transformed from their original building design into light filled aesthetic inside environments, complemented by beautiful playgrounds and gardens, that are full of wonder and curiosity. Warmth and care for all areas of development of these very young children is provided by a team of experienced administrators and teachers.

Continuing their learning journey with special friends at the city school is typically recommended. The children’s transition to the city school is eased through carefully planned visits for the children in the preparatory stages of the preceding year. We understand the importance of relationships and therefore maintain close ongoing communication and visits with the toddler staff in the early weeks.

atelier of light
atelier of natural light
atelier of expressive languages