atelier of light

Simply because we believe light is one of the most important materials connected to life. It is because we do have light that we are able to live in this world.

Light allows us the opportunity to explore the beauty of nature as well as the immense spectacle of the universe.

To us, light is life, and we are proud to offer our students an atelier in which to explore its many facets.

We tend to take light for granted, but it is one of the most spectacular events in our daily life. In a metaphorical way, we need to turn on the light to recognize her, and this is what our atelier allows us to do. We live with the light, we work with the light, we dream with the light, and now our children will learn with the light. Light shapes our perception of things, and exploring it will be immensely rewarding for the children.

Light is also a beautiful, and intriguing field of research because it envelops various points of view. Light is a scientific event, but at the same time, it is an emotional event. Children will now have an opportunity to understand the concepts of light. They will be involved in the investigation of reflection, refraction, diffraction, and the very composition of light. These are just a few of the concepts they will explore. Light, she fascinates us! She is able to pass through the air, pass through an empty space. She allows us to measure the dimensions of the universe.

Simply because light is different, it is truly unique. Light is a fundamental requisite for all cultures. We can ask ourselves how the people who live in Bangkok perceive light.

Through investigation, children will realize that their own perception of light is entirely different from the Inuit’s perception, for example, as the Inuit have many different words to describe white light. The relationship between light and dark, and the gradient between them, determine the differences. The dimension of the shadow of the northern lights can be studied in opposition to the light at the equator.

Studies, experiments and investigations such as these will bring richness to our school, as well as creativity and the possibility of encountering the culture of others. In this encounter, each child will discover the sense of their own culture in relation to the culture of others.

In the atelier of light found inside ELCA, with the support of the Hundred Languages, we want to offer the children the opportunity to explore, to investigate, to find the reason for light. When light is explored through many languages, it will help the children understand there is not only a ‘why’ to explain the phenomena, but there is also the expressivity of the phenomena. In this way it is possible to support the children in the understanding of the scientific way of thinking.

Light is life, science, philosophy and art.

For this reason, we believe light has the maximum potential to sustain the child’s understanding of life.

The hypotheses of the children will be investigated and explained using the language of light as the medium.

We want to use a small metaphor to describe what we want to do – we want to give our children the possibility to have light in their hands.