indoor environment

As the outdoor spaces flow one into the other, so does outside lead unhindered to inside, creating a sense of continuity among the various parts of the whole that is the school. While in the everyday world ‘indoor environment’ connotes air quality, these words take on a slightly different meaning here. It becomes immediately apparent to visitors at any of the elc family of schools that the air inside this community is filled with the promise of exploration, inspiration, interaction and connection.

Rooms and furnishings are purposefully designed to create a sense of community among our young learners, transforming the classroom environment into a ‘third teacher’ that supports the children’s need to explore and share with their peers and fosters the sense of belonging that is so important at an international school where the children come to us from so many cultures.

Here, form follows function, and one cannot help but sense a clear and deliberate aesthetic at the elc family of schools that communicates our commitment to a total educational experience that includes the appreciation of beauty as well as the development of judgment and taste.

The play of light and colour on the architecture and furnishings speaks of the infinite possibilities for exploration and investigation. When one of these spaces becomes an atelier, the result is a very powerful multi-disciplinary environment in which to present the curriculum.

A room holds so much potential. Here they are very special places where the children can not only build knowledge but explore their reality visually, linguistically and socially. Come by and have a peek – then imagine what an impression this environment of promise must make on the supersensitive receptors of a child.