identity of our centre

Our belief that ‘a child’s joy of learning is the measure of our success’ can help us to better understand how a sense of optimism is necessary in the process of learning, capable of freeing all our energies in developing a deeper comprehension of the world. In an educational and social environment, curiosity, wonder and joy are indispensable parts of growing and participating with others in the construction of creative acts of knowledge and culture.

Therefore, the idea is one of infinite curiosity, a desire for discovery and knowledge of the wonders of the world, present in all of us. This projection towards understanding the ever-increasing complexity of our daily life, leads us towards the refusal of a simplified and impoverished view of things. It is within this idea of complexity that children, youth, and the elderly look for a positive interpretation of the surrounding world, by creating analogies and metaphors to understand the values that govern their lives, therefore generating new energy for creative thought. It is this dimension, mingled with reality, things, people, friends, images and even with themselves, that fills the children with joy, and gives them the sensation that they are co-builders of ethical and moral values in the school community as well as in the larger community of the city.


Infinity, the history and evolution of the world. The thoughts and graphic narration of children 9 to 11 years.