the ateliers

ELCA, ‘The ELC Ateliers’, was born from the idea to continue to develop the theory of the languages of children. This theory affirms the potentiality of the children, and the powerful relationship they have with the world around them.

We believe to sustain them in this relationship, it is necessary to offer a relational and complex environment where the children are encouraged to explore, express, and elaborate new ideas from a different point of view. In this context, the children are able to construct alone, and with friends, new hypotheses about the world to develop their culture. The inter-connected system built in ELCA in the four different environments offers the children the maximum potential to explore and investigate the phenomenon of reality. ELCA connects science and technology, digital technology, visual arts and media literacy, providing an environment where the children are surrounded with concepts to explore, as well as recognizing that there are many possibilities to narrate the world around them.

atelier of light
atelier of natural light
atelier of expressive languages
atelier of nature
atelier of digital technology
theater of the imagination atelier